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Treatment of Impotence in men

There are many challenges that affect men all over the world more so those affect their reproductive life. One problem that is quite common affecting reproduction in men is erectile dysfunction or impotence. This condition is characterized by the inability of a man to achieve as well as maintain the erection when engaging in copulation. The conditions make a person to experience psychological challenges as well as having a low self-esteem on how they feel about themselves. There are various causes that makes one suffer from the condition including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, insufficient hormones in the body, kidney failure, aging, neurological problems as well as side effects from drugs and substance abuse. The condition can also be psychological which is easy to treat since it is caused by thought or feelings that may make a person fail to achieve and maintain the erection. Some causes that lead to psychological impotence are situations that trigger stress in a person as well as being anxious on how one is likely to perform among others.

There are various methods that impotence can be treated including exercise, medication, use of pumps, and surgery. The suitable methods of treatment will be influenced by the cause of the impotence. Exercise is a suitable treatment of impotencesuch as the aerobics exercise that enables one to sustain the erection. Other treatment is through medication either by using creams applied to the genitals or taking oral tablets. One need to obtain medication that contains natural components which ensure that one do not suffer the side effects of these medications.

Pumps are also commonly used in the treatment of impotence where it applies a negative pressure to the genital areas drawing more blood into it making it have an erection. The device is used before engaging in copulation and it should be prescribed by a doctor. The pump also has a ring that is placed at the base of the genital area which helps maintain the erection for a long time. The pumps usually increase the length of the genital areas although the solution for treating the impotence is temporary. The last resort when all the other methods have failed is usually surgery where the genitals are inserted with artificial rods.

Underlying causes of impotence such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases should be managed to ensure that the treatment becomes effective. There are main benefits of treating impotence in men one being that it raises their self-esteem and their self-worth more so when they are engaging in copulation. All these methods are very effective to treat impotence more so if it is done under the prescriptions of a qualified doctor.

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